Atty Jacie Zolna is the lawyer behind the case that could see millions of dollars in red light/speed camera tickets being refunded, he joins Roe Conn and Anna Davlantes to talk about his case and how.

Affirm vs Confirm Affirm and confirm are two words in the English language that are often confused with one another. This bafflement can most probably be attributed towards the similarity of pronunciation and a certain relation that the two words bear in meaning, as well. However, affirm and confirm are two different words that [.]

Hi! What is the difference between "conform with/to" and "comply with" in the meaning of "obey rules". I have consulted several dictionaries, but still can’t find clear explanation except for the fact that "comply" is formal. But this explanation doesn’t fit because I came across this word in informal context.(It was one of Longman tests)

But she did not conform to the stereotype of the de-feminised learned woman.’ I didn’t conform to the norm and I couldn’t play the cat and mouse game with the press.’ They are saying, you must conform to our version of family and society or you can have no rights.’

Difference Between Affirm and Confirm Categorized under Language,Words | Difference Between Affirm and Confirm. Affirm vs Confirm "Affirm" is a transitive verb. A transitive verb means a verb that needs a direct subject along with one or more objects.. Difference Between Conform and.

conform to/with sth meaning: to obey a rule or reach the necessary stated standard, or to do things in a traditional way: . Learn more.

“Please permit me by this letter to express my profound gratitude for having had the privilege to seek each case how best to know, interpret and defend the Constitution and the laws that must always.

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Reality without being ideal can be termed as hypocrisy and one has to understand that it is not about conforming to the ideals to gain cognizance but to confirm being ideal. the commitment to.

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 · Do we say confirm me or confirm to me when we are sending out an email requesting a confirmation on something . Jan 04 2010 08:15:46. nands_krish; 1 2. comments . confirm me is correct but confrim to me is completly wrong. if you want you can send the compelete sentence then others can judge better. good luck.

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