Upstate SC ADRC

Assisted Rides Program


Appalachian ADRC Assisted Rides Program

The Assisted Rides Program is a way for persons 60 years of age and older or adults with disabilities in Spartanburg County to get to medical appointments, grocery stores, pharmacies, and human service agencies at no charge. The transportation is provided by Volunteer Drivers who have gone through background checks and training. Passengers requiring rides cannot have other transportation support available to them. The Assisted Rides Program is being offered to fill in the transportation gaps and not to compete with existing programs.


A Volunteer Driver is:

  • A person who is willing to transport a senior or an adult with a disabilility in Spartanburg County in their vehicle, to a medical appointment, grocery store, pharmacy or human service agency
  • Someone who wants to maximize the use of their time and resources
  • Someone who is compassionate about their community
  • Someone who recognizes the difficulties in getting from place to place
  • Someone who understands a person’s need to live in their home community and maintain their independence for as long as possible with a little help from a friend.


Who Can Be a Volunteer Driver?

A Volunteer Driver :

  • Needs to abide by a Volunteer Code of Conduct
  • Consents to undergo a background check including SC SLED and Motor Vehicles
  • Agrees to provide the ARP with current insurance, license and registration information
  • Will have at least three (3) years of driving experience
  • Agrees to keep their vehicle in safe and working condition
  • Maintains confidentiality concerning the Passenger
  • Conducts his/herself in a professional manner
  • Will attend at least 2 quarterly recognition/training sessions annually.


Why Be a Volunteer?

  • To let your Passenger know that they are a worthy part of your community
  • To make a difference in the Passenger’s health and well being
  • To help decrease community medical costs by assisting the Passengers keep medical appointments, getting to pharmacies for medications and grocery stores for nutrition
  • To know that you provided a service that would not have happened if you had not done it