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Emergency Assistance Resource Guide

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Guide to Resources for
Emergency Assistance

Sometimes no matter what we can do to avoid problems, emergencies arise related to aging and disability. This site offers many resources that might help get through your situation. This guide helps you quickly locate those resources.

Help Understanding Emergency Assistance

Assistance may be available for many of the most common emergency needs, such as for food, rent, home heating, utilities, housing and clothing. If you are ready to talk with someone about your emergency, you might find an agency on our list of emergency assistance agencies by county.

If you have a health emergency, you may want to review the Health Care Resources page that lists community health centers, free clinics, and other resources related to healthcare.

If you do not have an emergency at the moment, but are seeking information on planning and preparing for emergencies, please visit our Emergency Preparedness section of Common Topics.

Other Helpful Resources

To find resources on emergencies, you might try some of the following phrases in our site search tool:
  • Crisis
  • Emergency assistance
  • Shelter

Organizations & Agencies

You can find selected emergency assistance organizations in each county by viewing the Community Services page and clicking the link to your county.

To find a larger set of emergency assistance organizations, try the Statewide Services Database . You might find the "Browse directory of service categories" useful by clicking the "Emergency Services" category. From there, click the link to the "Crisis Hotlines" or "Emergency Housing/Shelter".