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Caregiver Support Resource Guide

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Guide to Resources for Caregivers

50 Million people in the United States provide support to an adult for issues related to aging and disabilities. Often times these individuals work a full-time job while providing an average of twenty hours per week in their caregiver role. This website contains many informative articles to help caregivers handle their situation. We also provide links to programs that can provide respite and other forms of support. This guide will help a caregiver navigate our information resources.

Help Understanding Caregiver Support

Our common topics includes a section dedicated to Caregivers and Respite services, which can lead you to many resources to learn about caregiving and support for caregivers.

Learn how to hire people to help provide caregiving on our Personal Care Workers page.

Organizations & Agencies

Call our staff and ask to speak with a caregiver advocate.

The SC Respite Coalition works to help families and caregivers get the breaks they need.

The Family Caregiver Alliance provides this list of South Carolina Caregiver Resources.

Other Helpful Resources

Related Programs

SC Family Caregiver Support program offers support for caregivers