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Caregivers and Respite


Caregivers and Respite

This page helps you gain a better understanding of caregivers and respite. We offer informative articles, frequently asked questions, related programs, and links to resources on other websites. Some of our information is hosted on the SCAccess website. If you prefer, jump to the SCAccess "Learn About" section on Caregivers and Respite.

Various reports indicate that some 50 Million adults provide caregiving to an older adult or person with disability. Caregivers expend time, effort and money to help their loved ones. Many caregivers also hold jobs of their own, and must juggle these responsibilities. Fortunately, there are supporting organizations and formal programs to help caregivers deal with the burdens related to these challenges. This section can help you find those organizations and programs, and learn about techniques to handle caregiving.

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